Since our last report, submitted in March 2019, the Communication Committee met once a month to:

  • Plan the monthly issues of Service Matters
  • Plan the monthly meetings of Committees Connecting to facilitate awareness of the ongoing work of World Service Conference committees
  • Draft a policy of using Service Matters as a central means to announce meetings, give Board of Trustees reports, and provide Help Wanted notices from various committees soliciting assistance from the fellowship
  • Begin monthly meetings for delegates on the Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts for World Service to better prepare them for service at the World Service Conference. These meetings are open to all
  • Create the first-ever full-membership discussion meetings on Zoom to share experience, strength, and hope as we met the challenges of the global Coronavirus pandemic
  • Review the GreySheet Phone List to ensure that members listed are still abstinent and responding to calls
  • Review the Area Contact list to ensure that all listed contacts respond to emails within 48 hours
  • Discuss progress made toward taking over the Phone List from its current moderator
  • Convene trainings to improve the efficiency of the newly formed Start up Sponsor subcommittee in helping newcomers to be introduced to GreySheet abstinence and get lists of possible permanent sponsors. Currently there are eight English-speaking, one Spanish-speaking, and two Polish – speaking start-up sponsors on our committee. See attached Requirements for Start-Up Sponsors. See Attachment 1. Requirements for Start Up


During 2020-2021, we plan to

  • Continue to publish monthly issues of Service Matters to keep all our members “in the know” about what is happening to carry the message to compulsive eaters who still suffer – and how to be of service in this global community
  • Continue to convene monthly meetings of Committees Connecting so that any interested GreySheeter can learn about the work of our World Service Committees all year long and become involved either as a member or as a volunteer
  • Explore the feasibility of creating a podcast to carry the message of GSA to the compulsive eater who still suffers. The Southern States Intergroup YouTube Channel has been posting qualifications for years; what about podcasts that address issues of weighing and measuring in restaurants, highlight a member’s no matter what experiences, and offer hope to the newcomer just getting started?
  • Take over the GSA Phone List coordination as soon as the new website makes the transition feasible
  • Develop a growing list of Start Up Sponsors and continue to train them
  • Continue to convene monthly meetings on the Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts for World Service to prepare delegates and other interested GreySheeters in our A.A. roots and fundamental philosophy