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Journey Into Daylight: Escaping from the Fist of Food
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Five true stories about young people caught in the vise of miserable overeating.

They were out of control with food and did not know it. Each one describes how he or she escaped. They followed a simple food plan, drew support from others who had eaten the same way, and got free.

GreySheet Definitions and Slogans
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Are you puzzled by expressions GSA members use, like "DENMW"? This document provides definitions and explanations of common GreySheet terms and slogans.

Download and print the PDF to distribute at your meetings. When you print it out on your home printer, go into Layout and select Short-edge binding to print on both sides.

A Solution for Compulsive Eaters trifold
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"A Solution for Compulsive Eaters" answers the following questions:

  • What Is GreySheeters Anonymous?
  • What Is Abstinence?
  • What Will It Cost?
  • Can GSA Help Me?
  • How Do I get Started?

If You Are A Healthcare Professional
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"If You Are a Healthcare Professional" introduces the GSA program to medical and mental health professionals by summarizing the way the program works and providing a list of questions that help identify compulsive eaters.

The Group Treasurer
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This guide to service for group treasurers covers

  • Spiritual purpose of a treasurer
  • Selecting a group treasurer
  • How to open a checking account
  • Pass the basket
  • Taking care of a group’s monies
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Insurance coverage
  • Spending a group’s funds
  • Prudent reserve
  • Support GSA
  • Donating to GSAWS
  • If you have questions

Anniversary Donations
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If every GSA member made an annual donation of just $1 per year since 1998, GSAWS would have enough money to hold a World Service Conference every year. This flyer explains the concept of anniversary donations and provides a form for contributions.