We rely on the Twelve Traditions to guide us when making decisions on anonymity.

*In 2013, the 63rd A.A. General Service Conference affirmed that "the Internet, social media, and all forms of public communications are implicit in the last phrase of the short form of Tradition Eleven, which reads: ‘ the level of press, radio, and films.’"

GSA Social Media Best Practice Guidelines for Members

In line with these Traditions, the following suggestions are designed to assist you in protecting your anonymity and that of other members when using social media.

Frequently Asked Questions about Social Media

Are the social media outlets we see online part of GSAWS?

With the exception of the GreyNet Online Forum, the GSAWS Public Facebook Page, the Southern States Intergroup YouTube Channel, and the sites listed under "Other GSA Websites," social media outlets and postings are neither the domain of GSAWS nor an official representation of Greysheeters Anonymous.

Are my comments, postings and images private?

What you post there does not guarantee or ensure protection of your anonymity. Your comments, postings, images and identity are within the Terms of Service of the social platform you subscribe to. GSAWS has neither jurisdiction nor control of this.

Can my anonymity be breached and my identity exposed on social media platforms?

Artificial Intelligence, bots, scrapers, redirects, data breaches, spamming, masked identities, facial recognition and other digital tools associated with identity exposure are ever present with the ecosystem of Social Media. What you post is your personal responsibility.

What if the moderator from a social media outlet takes down my postings as they pertain to GreySheet?

GSAWS doesn’t regulate independent social media outlets, is not associated legally with those pages or postings nor endorses the moderators of those pages. Each social media platform has their own TOS – terms of service. It’s useful to familiarize yourself with those if you are concerned.

Use of the GSA logo, trademarks and copyrighted material is not permitted unless officially sanctioned by GSAWS.