GSA's Second Concept for World Service states

The World Service Conference of GSA has become, for nearly every practical purpose, the active voice and the effective conscience of our whole Society in its world affairs.

In 2008, the GreySheeters Anonymous World Services (GSAWS), Inc. Board of Trustees (BOT) designed the World Service Conference as a structure for groups to communicate with the Board.

At that time, we envisioned that the conference would consist of 19 intergroup representatives and 13 board trustees. That seemed like a reasonable number of people to debate and vote. Each group in an intergroup area would elect one General Service Representative (GSR) to attend and participate in quarterly intergroup meetings. Each intergroup's member GSRs would elect one Intergroup Service Representative (ISR). The ISRs and the Trustees would serve as delegates to the World Service Conference.

The first GSA World Service Conference did not take place until 2013, at which time there were only nine functioning intergroups and many groups were not part of an intergroup, so elected GSRs were invited to serve as conference delegates.

The number of trustees, intergroup representatives, and group representatives participating in the conference has varied between 30 and 50 for the four conferences since 2013. Not all groups elected a representative. Not all intergroups formed and elected a representative. Not all representatives participated in the conference. 

As the Conference evolved, it became clear that the amount of work involved in creating literature, public information, and the website—not to mention archiving it all, organizing the conference assembly, facilitating communication, providing financial oversight, and providing guidance about structure—was far more than 30 people could manage.

In 2019, the Structure Committee has proposed that GSAWS make its "temporary" conference structure permanent. Every group, every intergroup, and the Board of Trustees make up World Services via their elected representatives. This means we have the potential to have approximately 175 people working to achieve our vision.