Since our last report, submitted in March 2019, the Archives Committee met once a month:

  • The Archives Committee created a YouTube channel to help new archivists with basic archiving and computer skills. This channel has 12 videos:
    • Organize Before You Archive
    • Adding a Document to the Index
    • Numbering Pages (Physical Documents)
    • Upload a Single File or Two and Saving the Invitation
    • Uploading Many Files to the Archives and Saving the Invitation
    • Convert a Word Document to a PDF Document
    • Convert a pdf Document to a pdf/a Document
    • Free Online Document Converter
    • Basic # 1 Screenshot of Your Desktop Screen
    • Basic # 2 com
    • Basic # 3 Find the GSA Public Information Manual on the GreySheet Website
    • Basic # 4 Saving an Email to Your Desktop
  • The Committee also created a second YouTube Channel: GSA Archives Chair. The advanced videos were transferred to this channel. The seven videos are:
    • Advanced # 1 Opening an Extension You Do Not Recognize
    • Advanced # 2 Files that begin with ~ $ rather than letters
    • Advanced # 3 DS Store Document
    • Advanced # 4 No Application Set to Open the Document (221 views)
    • Advanced # 5 Open a Blocked Older Document
    • Advanced # 6 Compatibility Mode
    • Advanced # 7 Can’t Save No Permission
  • With the belief that some GreySheeters may have older documents on their desktop, we also created a GSA Archives Crowdsourcing Google Site on the GSA Archives Google Site (which is privately owned) for those people to upload any documents themselves at:
  • GreySheeters have uploaded files to the GSAWS, WSC, Worldwide Phone List, Intergroups and Committees folders
  • We have indexed one third of the “K.H. Folder” (GSAWS Secretary 2004-2008).
  • We archive physical documents at a storage facility in Garden City, NY, that specializes in storage for medical records. The cost to GSAWS is $40/month.


During 2020-2021, we plan to:

  • Continue to index the “K. H. Folder” to
  • Begin indexing the “J. H. Folder.” J was president of GreySheeters Anonymous World Services when we held our first World Service Conference in
  • Develop an Archives Committee Handbook
  • Explore the procedure for creating a master list