Since our last report, submitted in March 2019, the Literature Committee worked on the following:

  • A sub-committee of six members wrote and edited Living Abstinent. We finished the first draft in July 2020. Three members of the Board of Trustees previewed it. The sub- committee is working on a third draft to present to the entire committee for approval later in the
  • One Meal at a Time sub-committee initiated monthly workshops where volunteers learn to write short inspirational passages of 60-80 words to be included in the reflection book. In March, the Literature Committee appointed a co-chair to lead monthly meetings of the sub-committee to draft a timeline, decide how to give feedback, how many writings are needed,
  • Members continue to work on the History of GSA book. The latest expansion is to describe the beginnings of the intergroups. We are transcribing recorded interviews. We have written an
  • We plan to begin work on the second edition of the GSA Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. We have invited a long-time GreySheeter and former member of the Literature Committee to contribute her proposed edits. The Chair of the Literature committee will chair this sub-committee once Living Abstinent goes to press. We have invited interested GreySheeters to volunteer in the
  • We expanded the translation section of the Conference Approved Literature process into a stand-alone policy and procedure. The purpose is to encourage translations of GSA material into other languages while protecting the copyright. Currently, French, Bulgarian, and Castilian Spanish translations of the GreySheet are in process. Polish, Icelandic and Latin-American Spanish Greysheet translations were approved for distribution.
  • We formed a sub-committee to write our literature pages on the new
  • We wrote the Responsibility Statement based on the Vision of World Service. It is now available for use by any GreySheeters Anonymous member.


During 2020-2021, we plan to

  • Continue with the feedback and commenting process of Living Abstinent. We will present the second draft manuscript to the Board of
  • Write policies to implement motions passed at previous World Service Conferences. We are currently working on a policy for the use of certain Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Develop timelines for publication of the History Book and One Meal At A Time (OMAAT)
  • Develop a couple of pamphlets based on information on the