Public Information



In October 2019, the World Service Conference revitalized the Public Information Committee which had been inactive for several years. We met monthly to:

  • Discuss how to get the word out to the compulsive eater who continues to suffer
  • Review information about malpractice insurance carriers who fund bariatric surgery and how to provide these carriers with information about GreySheeters Anonymous as an alternative
  • Review and categorize the current recorded stories on the GSA website
  • Assess which stories on the website best serve the compulsive eater who still suffers to transfer to the new website
  • Create a GreySheeters Anonymous public Facebook page
  • Send letters and the trifold To the Medical Professionals along with Can’t Stop Eating? to medical professionals


During 2020-2021, we plan to

  • Finish our review of the recorded and printed stories on the GSA website
  • Create a more user-friendly Public Information page on org
  • Host information booths at local health fairs, schools,
  • Create a presence on other social media, including Craigslist Recovery and Instagram
  • Work with intergroups to begin regional Public Information activity
  • Post Public Information Committee information on all GreySheet Facebook pages
  • Create a Media Content plan for the public Facebook page