The World Service Conference of GreySheeters Anonymous adopted the motions and accepted the recommendations appearing in this summary.

Adopted motions are binding on GreySheeters Anonymous World Service. Recommendations are taken into consideration by the relevant service body within GreySheeters Anonymous World Service.

The summary only includes those motions with continuing effect, i.e., the motion was not simply a procedural decision made during one conference, for that conference, but a motion expected to have relevance for GreySheeters Anonymous World Service at that time and in the future.

These motions and recommendations are abstracted from the Minutes of the World Service Conference. They were edited to remove the name of the committee that made the motion; to correct transcription, spelling, and grammar errors; and for consistency in format and terminology (for example, “Board of Trustees” is substituted for “board,” “Board,” “Trustees,” “Directors,” etc.). Some statements were also edited to add information, for example, the name of a referenced document, so that the statement can stand alone without the discussion documented in the Minutes.

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2013 Binding Motions

2013 Nonbinding Recommendations

2014 Binding Motions

2014 Nonbinding Recommendations

2016 Binding Motions

2016 Nonbinding Recommendations

2019 Binding Motions

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a Video Forum for reports and questions on October 31, 2020, but no World Service Conference.