The primary purpose of the GSAWS Board of Trustees (BOT) is to run the business of the organization and to protect the program by protecting the integrity GreySheet food plan and ensuring that the organization operates as a Twelve Step program based on the Traditions and Concepts. The Board of Trustees’ function is to execute the direction of the Conference while protecting the program.

Example: The Conference decides it wants to publish literature or a new website. The BOT works to get this done within the financial constraints of fellowship.


In addition to their roles within the fellowship, the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer are corporate officers of GreySheeters Anonymous World Services, Inc.


  • Representative of the organization and designated official in dealings with outside vendors, publishers. Responsible for executing contracts and other legal documents.
  • Chairs the World Service Conference meetings and the BOT meetings.


  • Fills in for President when necessary and assists President in other tasks as needed.


  • Responsible for finances of organization
  • In conjunction with BOT, creates and sets the budget and provides good stewardship of the fellowship’s resources
  • Most importantly, treasurer provides complete transparency to the fellowship by posting financial reports on the website every month

Assistant Treasurer

  • Assists the treasurer as necessary


  • Responsible for keeping all records of the organization, including official records of all GSAWS business meetings like World Service Conference and Board of Trustees meetings

Assistant Secretary

  • Assists the secretary as necessary. Maintains the Board Calendar, Intergroup Calendar, Committee Calendar, and Delegate Calendar.


  • Responsible for keeping current and accurate records of our groups. It’s important to have an accurate record of groups because they are, ultimately, our members. Accurate information enables us to communicate effectively with the fellowship and aid in our primary purpose.